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1. FOR 2023: WIN 125,000 Souls - Decision for Christ's Salvation and PLANT 50 New Churches (10 in NCR/Metro Manila, 40 Other  Cities, Towns, Islands, and Abroad.)
LONG-TERM VISION: To help fulfill the Great Commission together with Global Church Network by the 2,000th Birthday of the Church on Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2030.
- 1 Million Souls Saved (125K per year)
    - 400 New Churches 

2. Encourage & Motivate Word of Hope members to be “Fervent in Spirit, Serving the Lord” through their Participation in Prayers and involvement in Missions & Ministries.

3. Revive Word of Hope Life Groups and open 1,000 New Life Groups in homes, condominiums, Government & Business Offices, Factories, School Campuses, etc.

4. Strengthen & Mobilize All Existing Ministries and Create new ones for Greater Impact resulting in Greater Growth spiritually and numerically in the Church.

5.  Recruit, Develop, and Train New Emerging Leaders for Pastoral Ministry, Missions, and Evangelism.

6. Expansion of Word of Hope Media Ministry through Radio, TV, Online Livestream, and other Social Media platforms.

7.  The Launching of MV Good News with complete equipment for Island Evangelism, Missions, and Church Planting.

8.  The Construction of Word of Hope Prayer Tower. Also Upgrading & Improvements of FAITH & GRACE Auditoriums.

 9.  Expansion of Word of Hope Dome Gymnasium and more improvements in Paradise Prayer Garden.

10. Re-Opening of Hope Christian Academy for 2023-2024 School Years. Promotion of Hope Leadership College and Hope Island Bible School for both Urban and Island Pastoral Training.

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