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1. A Strong Church enabled by God to do Beyond All Limits exploits for His Kingdom’s cause and to have Great Spiritual Impact and Favor in this nation and abroad. Eph.3:19-20

2. Win 125,000 Decisions for Christ Salvation thru our M/V Good News Island Evangelism, Gospel Buses, Kids Mobile and Church Services.
Also, to Plant & Establish 50 new Satellite Churches: 10 in NCR and 40 in other Cities, Towns, Islands and abroad.

3. Strengthen & Equip our Present Ministry Heads and Leaders through Prayers, Biblical Instruction, and enrolment in H.L.C. & Seminars.  Also, a 100% increase (growth) of Department Ministry Members in the church.

4. Recruit & Train at least 500 New Ministry Leaders for Various Church Ministry and Outreaches.

5. Establish 1,000 New Life Groups in Homes, Condominiums, Private &
Gov't Offices, Factories, Business Establishments and School Campuses.

6. Identify, Recruit, and Equip New Potential Leaders for Pastoral Ministry, Evangelism, Missions, and Discipleship.

7. All Families at WOH will experience an Open Heaven for Supernatural Blessings and Favor i.e. Salvation of unsaved loved ones, reconciliation of relationships, good health, safety and protection, success, and financial prosperity.

8. Admonish all Pastors, Elders, and Ministry Leaders together with the Church members to Actively Participate in Prayer Gathering and study of God’s Word.
We Believe these will result to a powerful, spiritual, and numerical Growth of the Church.

 9. Promote to Increase enrolment in our Schools: Hope Christian Academy, Hope Leadership College, and Hope Island Bible School.
Encourage potential Church Leaders to enroll at HLC.

10. Improvement of Church Facilities, Auditoriums, and Paradise Prayer Garden. To promote the utilization of Paradise Prayer Garden by WOH members, other ministries, and other Churches.

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